Sweet Forest DS026

Age: 14+

Material:Wood, Cardboard, Metal, PET

Assembly Time: 1h

Assembled Size: 100*80*180mm

Pieces: 37

About this item

Sweet Forest is a DIY miniature house in small box. The scene is very bright with warm yellow color as the main color. At the bottom of this box, there is a small drawer to storage things. Besides, a doll can be put inside to display as a dustproof box.


DS026 Sweet Forest

The sweet forest dollhouse belongs to some cute creatures. The little bear is one of the residents here. He lives in a wooden house and he has some bee friends. He plants many flowers and takes care of them. Therefore, he often makes honey, stores it in jars and shares that sweet honey with other residents in the forest. A lot of animals love his sweet honey and the bear is really delighted with it.


Honey jar and beehive
Elaborately-designed decorations
Hidden battery box

There is a small house where a bear lives in the forest. In the front of his house, there is a beehive. Beside it, there is a chair with some crafted honey food and honey jars. At the bottom of the box, it is designed as a storage drawer. Also, there is an ambient light and hidden battery box in this mini house.


Fine onarment on the table
Display and dustproof cover for the doll
A small storage drawer
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