About Material Safety

We use high-quality Russian basswood, which has acquired ecological environmental protection certification by FSC. It is very safe and eco-friendly.

Our plastic houses and dolls use ABS and PVC materials of have high quality and safety, which have passed international quality system.

About Care and Maintenance

Wooden products can’t be washed and exposed to the sun, and better kept in dry places or under a dust-proof cover. You can use wet soft cloth to wipe it gently.

The plastic DIY house has extra accessories including roofs and doors to keep your house clean or you can disassemble unclean parts and use wet cloth to clean parts.

Put your doll under a dust-proof cover or other clean places and you can use soft wet cloth to clean it regularly.

About Assembly Problem

You need to check if there is any missing part or bag in the package and you can contact our customer service for help.

You need a pair of scissors and some paints if necessary. And you may prepare batteries, wax and glue that may be not included due to customs policy in international shipping.

You need to assemble carefully and apply force at force bearing point when assembling fragile and small parts.

First, you can find if there is any spare part on the board or you can use glue to repair it. Besides, you can contact our service customer for a replacement part.


The fun of the blind box is you never know what surprise inside you will get. Every doll is unique and well designed. We wish you have better luck next time to get the doll you like.

As a beginner, you can choose some product with easy and quick insertion and less assembly time such as plastic miniature houses or our new released wooden houses.

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