1.What if the children are too young to assemble?

Rolife provides both simple and complex products for children of all ages. For more complex products, parents can offer children some help during the assembly, which not only improves parent-child relationship but also teaches children something about science and nature during the play.

  1. Are your products likely to be damaged?

Rolife products are high-density plywood made from basswood, with solid texture and shape. The products (with color packaging box) passed the international toy anti-drop standard test to ensure the good condition during transportation.

  1. Do your wood products have burrs?

Rolife adopts a rapid stamping process to minimize burrs. Also an eco-friendly black sand paper is given in the packaging. If you find the surface not smooth enough, just rub it with the sandpaper.

  1. How to store wood products?

Wooden toys can’t be washed and exposed, and better kept in dry places. They can be used as decorations to bring your house an exotic atmosphere.

  1. What is the educational significance of Rolife products?

Rolife products integrate DIY, exploring and thinking, which requires children to concentrate so as to exercise their patience, attention, and imagination. Also it can broaden childrens horizon and bring them more satisfaction.  


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