Dream Yard DS012


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 7h

Assembled Size: 86*64*155mm

Pieces: 69

About this item

Dream Yard is a mini scale model house of delicacy from Mini Town series. With blue and wood color, it creates a beautiful yard scene with many flowers and tools. With a specially-designed roof to take down, you can use your imagination and creativity to build it with other houses.


DS012 Dream Yard

I decided to escape from urban clamor in the city and return to nature's wonderful feeling one day. Therefore, I moved to a small town early in this year. I bought a house with a tiny yard and planted many kinds of flowers. Far away from cities, I find my inner peace and beauty in life gradually. With my care, the beautiful flowers are all in bloom now. The wind carries the fragrance into my heart. In the evening, lying on a cozy rocking chair in this yard to idle time is my favorite thing. This is my dream yard and I love it.


The blooming flowers in the fence
Arched side opening window
Retro wall lamp
Creative design of roof that can be moved
Chemical fertilizer and watering pot
Hidden battery box

It is a dream yard that many people would like. The wooden fence is covered with densely packed and showy blooming flower clusters. The iron basket has a big bag of flower fertilizer inside. The watering pot is put aside after watering the flowers. There are some small tools and pot plants under wall cupboard.


Vertical view
Bottom view
Left side view
Right side view
Front view
Back view


Possible combinations of different products
Palm-sized miniature house
Home ornament of ingenious design
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