Taste Life DS015

Age: 14+

Material: Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 4h

Assembled Size: 70*70*90mm

Pieces: 56

About this item

Taste Life is a palm-sized house with a kitchen scene. Using pink and other bright colors, this is a warm kitchen that feels like home. Besides, it is easy to assemble this house in 4 hours.


DS015 Taste Life

I work in a big city and live in a small house like many young people. I have a quite lovely kitchen in my small house. I not only enjoy delicious food but also like the process of making it. Every morning, I wake up and make myself a cup of coffee and a quick but yummy breakfast to start my day. Then, I feel energetic for the whole day after it. The work is hard and tiring so I often cook a big meal for supper to treat myself. Delicious food can always comfort me. I enjoy my life and living alone in my beautiful house.


Mini refrigerator made of resin
Kitchen utensils hanging on the wall
Fruits and cheese on the table

In this amazing mini kitchen, there are many little and cute things. There is a mini refrigerator made of resin. On top of it, there is milk and sliced toast for breakfast. On the wall, there are some kitchen utensils hanging in order. Besides, there is a small double-deck table with many fruits and dessert on it.


Creative home decor
Easy and quick assembly
Palm-sized mini house
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