Dreaming Terrace Garden DS030

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 6h

Assembled Size: 90*90*96mm

Package Size: 135*55*150mm

Pieces: 72

About this item

Dreaming Terrace Garden is a palm-sized flowery corner. Using classic Tiffany blue, bright yellow and cherry blossom pink, this house creates a tranquil and alive garden scene.


DS030 Dreaming Terrace Garden

There is a small and beautiful garden house full of all kinds of blossoms. A young gardener lives inside. All people in the town like her flowers and often come here to visit. Like magic, people say her flowers can give them a feeling of happiness. Every morning, the gardener gets up early to take care of her flowers. She can spend a whole day in this small garden, and her favorite thing to do is to enjoy the sun with those lovely flowers.


Creative boot flowerpots
Bright terrace window
Vivid potted plant

It is a small garden, but there are flowers everywhere. There are realistic potted flowers on the table and on the floor. A pair of boots is creatively made into flowerpots. Besides, you can wrap the flower bouquet on the table. With colorful flowers and decorations, the whole scene looks bright and vivid.


Mini garden scene
Great gift to family and friends
Creative home decor


Eco-friendly basswood

High precision laser cutting

DIY miniature house kit

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