Secluded Neighbour DS003

Age: 14+

Material: Wood, Paper, Metal, Acrylic cylinder

Assembly Time: 24h

Assembled Size: 125*130*245mm

Pieces: 135

About this item

Secluded Neighbour is a multilayer miniature house with a transparent cover. It is a deep well with two floors underground including a study and a cellar. With brown and pink as main colors, the house looks very interesting while revealing the mystery of the magical secret place.


DS003 Secluded Neighbour

I fell into a deep well. When I opened my eyes, a two-stair house came into my view. It looked like an old wood house with a big stone supporting. “Welcome, little wizard. Oh! Watch your step.” A high-pitched voice spread form the roof. I looked up at the roof and found a crow with a kind expression. It was so weird. “Don’t fear me, my little wizard. You probably don’t know me but I know you. I’m your secluded neighbour in the deep well as well as a faithful guardian of this magic house. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Just accept your fate to be the master of the house. I know you have many questions. Enter the house and you’ll know everything.” He said. Then Mr. Crow opened the door for me and my life changed from then on.


Pink cellar with a light
Green arched door
Magic study room
Small garden at the door
Crow on the well lid
Multi-story design

On top of the house, there is a small house decoration and a well lid. The whole house is in the underground well, looking very interesting. On the first basement floor, there is a magic study room with many odd things such as ancient books and scrolls. On the second basement floor, there is a pink cellar with a cabinet. With the transparent outer cover, everything is visible.


Transparent acrylic cover
Creative home decor
360-degree stereoscopic scene
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