Domed Loft DS001

Age: 14+

Material: Wood, Paper, Metal, Acrylic cylinder

Assembly Time: 24h

Assembled Size: 126*120*248mm

Pieces: 180

About this item

Domed Loft is an exquisite miniature house with a three-story design. Using green and yellow as main colors, the house looks very fresh and is full of vitality. With a transparent outer over, it is easy to see every item and detail.


DS001 Domed Loft

Welcome to my Domed Loft. In my magic house, I can have close contact with the vast sky. The ground floor is my garden, and flowers keep blooming all seasons. I have a friend, Mr.RABBIT, a very intelligent and kind rabbit. I've never felt alone staying with the sky and Mr.RABBIT. I’m so obsessed with the galaxy so that I almost spend every night here with my scope and finally fall asleep with shining stars. Every night a myriad of strange thoughts and ideas crowd in my mind. I want to unveil all secrets about the galaxy. Welcome to my Domed Loft and we can explore the Milky Way together.


Cozy bed with a telescope
White rabbit sitting beside the door
Vivid and mini furniture
Bright flowering shrubs
Creative door and ladder
Domed roof design

This house creates a delicate loft scene with three floors in total. It has bright flowering shrubs on the ground floor. The spiral wooden staircases ascend from the ground to the second floor, where some furniture and a door exist. On the third floor, there is a cozy bed and a telescope under the hollow roof so that it’s easy to look at the sky and stars.


Three-story structure design
3D scene with a transparent outer cover
Eye-catching decor on the table
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