Magical Café DS004


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal, Acrylic cylinder

Assembly Time: 24h

Assembled Size: 126*120*248mm

Pieces: 180

About this item

Magical Café is one of products from Mysterious World series. The house has two-stair design and creates a scene of magic coffee shop in deep forest. On the first floor, there is a small coffee shop. On the second floor, there is a beautiful fairy tree with a delicate table under it. Using pink as the main color, it increases the mysterious atmosphere of this unknown world.


DS004 Magical Café

When I continue to move forward in the roaring north wind, a thick coffee smell comes from an alley. I take a deep breath and head for that aroma. Then I end up in a forest and see a fancy coffee house. An upstanding fairy tree catches my attention. Some strange looking creatures are passing by. It occurs to me that all these creatures are elves and witches when I get to the door of the coffee house. I get a cup of coffee and move to the fairy tree. Several elves and witches are whispering under the tree. I move toward the wooden table beside me and take a sip of coffee. Its strong coffee aroma immediately sets up a level of taste. With some flowers falling down, I soak myself in this beautiful and magical scene.


Cabinet filled with coffee and cups
Pink fairy tree
Retro wooden ladder
Elegant coffee table
Creative signboard
Mini coffee shop

The house has two floors with different scenes. On the first floor, there is a small and vintage coffee shop with vintage green and yellow as main colors. Besides the coffee shop, there is spiral staircases to the second floor. A big pink fairy tree stands with a exquisite coffee shop under it. On the tree, there is a small light hanging. With a transparent outer cover, it is easy to see the whole scene in all angles.


Wholly transparent display
360-degree stereoscopic scene
Multi-floor café shop scene​
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