Bloomy House DS002


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal, Acrylic cylinder

Assembly Time: 24h

Assembled Size: 120*140*280mm

Pieces: 193

About this item

Bloomy House is an immensely detailed and impressively designed house with two floors and a transparent cover outside. It’s kind of like a loft house where a lovely girl lives inside with cabinet, bed and bathtub. With warm colors like pink and yellow, the house is very warm and sweet. Like its name shows, there are many plants and flowers in this house.


DS002 Bloomy House

Welcome to my bloomy house. I’m the owner of this house and I’m a witch. I love all sorts of flowers and that’s why I build my magic house in the vast sea of flowers. My bedroom is on the second floor. Every morning, I wake up with my lovely flowers. I have a long and sweet dream surrounded by the heavy scent of flowers. If you want to get into my magic house, you need to have my permission first because I have an owl guard in my house. So would you like to visit my gorgeous flowery house?


Slippers,cabinet and crystal ball
Flowery window sill
Cozy bed with book and coffee on it
Owl guard on the roof
Bubble bathtub
Multi-story design

With the design of two and a half stairs, the house shows a delicate and sweet girl’s home scene. With many flowers, the house looks colorful and is full of the rich flavor of life. Like a real home, it has sofa, cabinet, slippers, cozy bed and bathtub to show the owner of the house enjoys life very much.


Multi-story design of the house
Excellent gift for handcraft lovers
Transparent cover for 360-degree dispaly
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