Rainbow Candy House DG158

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Plastic

Assembly Time: 9h

Assembled Size: 220*140*168mm

Package Size: 276.5*66*210mm

Pieces: 179

About this item

Rainbow Candy House is featured with bright colors and rich props of candies. It is like a dreamy candy store in childhood, attractive and full of joy. It is a delightful experience to assemble this miniature house.


DG158 Rainbow Candy House

Rainbow Candy House opens today! There are a wide variety of colored candies inside. It is said that it is a magical shop with countless candies in the machines. Everyone has ever had a dream of owning a candy house and having candies everyday in their childhood. Now, this small house can bring you back to your sweet childhood. Forget the troubles in the adult world and be a happy child here again.


Colorful and lifelike candies

Fun candy machines

Candy sales area

Openable painted door

Drumming soldier

Transparent display window

Bright and rich colors of this miniature house must catch your attention. The cute designs and various candies exist everywhere, which make the scene full of childishness and enjoyment. The transparent window displays everything inside the store. Fill those machines with candies, arrange the candy bags on the shelf, and then you can open your own candy store!


Bright home decor with a light

Creative gift to children

Develop manual skills and logic thinking

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