Alice’s Tea Store DG156

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Plastic

Assembly Time: 10h

Assembled Size: 220*158*182mm

Package Size: 276.5*66*210mm

Pieces: 136

About this item

Alice’s Tea Store is one of miniature houses from Mystic Archives Series. It replicates a fantastic wonderland, with attractive designs and a fairy-tale scene. Welcome to this world and begin a magical journey!


DG156 Alice Tea Store

The cute little bunny is winding a trumpet and the huge pocket watch in the window is swinging. Exquisite teapots and magic snacks have been well prepared on the table and wait for unknown guests. The never-ending tea party in the fairy tale world is about to begin. Who will be the next lucky Alice, pushing the wooden door and walking inside the magic world. Everything is possible. Let’s begin our adventure in this wonderland.


Medieval porcelain cups
Figure bunny
European-style pastry plate
3D crow decoration
Vintage crystal lantern
Transparent showcase

The aqua house looks quite retro and mysterious. The little bunny dressed in vintage clothes is playing a musical instrument. It is a tea store with magic. Some colorful dessert is placed on the plate and waits for guests. A big clock lays in the transparent showcase to indicate this absurd party is going to begin.


Classic fairy-tale scene
Distinctive decor with a bright LED light
Enrich the house with figure dolls
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