Rolife Hanhan Nai Fox Fairy Surprise Figure Dolls

Age Range(Description): 14 years and up


Package size: 60*60*110mm

Specification: 12 Basic+1 Hidden

Material: PVC/Paper


About this item
*Note – each blind box is randomly arranged. Each package includes 1 beautiful random character and 1 character card. Before opening, no one knows which doll you unwrap. 
*Stylized collectable doll stands 80-96mm tall. Each package box is 60*60*110mm. The whole set package is 250*186*113mm. We measure the size manually. Slight differences are considered normal.


The Cute little fox fairy wants to experience different kinds of flying methods, she even comes out with an idea to shake a soda drink to blow herself to the air… What a smart fox fairy!


Series Name: Rolife Hanhan Nai Fox Fairy Surprise Figure Dolls

Surprise Figure Dolls: This series includes 12 different figures. Maybe you will get 1 HIDDEN EDITION figure (Astronaut). A certain chance to win this hidden edition.

You will never know what you get until you open the box!

Product Display

窜天猴 Firecracker

橘子汽水 Orange soda

恶魔天使 Little devil

魔力翅膀 Magic wing

喷火靴 Spitfire boots

竹蜻蜓 Take-copter

旋风鹦鹉 Flying parrot

气球 Balloon

喷气背包 Jetpack

筋斗云 Somersault cloud

小飞碟 UFO

滑翔伞 Paraglider


宇航员 Astronaut

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