Rolife Hanhan Nai Hanle Series Surprise Figure Dolls

Hanhan Nai Hanle

Age Range(Description): 14 years and up


Package size: 65*65*115mm

Specification: 12 Basic+1 Hidden

Material: PVC/Paper

About this item

【About Random】Note – each blind box is randomly arranged. Each package includes 1 beautiful random character and 1 character card. Before opening, no one knows which doll you unwrap.
【Dolls Size】Each package box is 65*65*115mm(L*W*H). The whole set package is 270*201*118mm(L*W*H). We measure the size manually. Slight differences are considered normal.

The cute little fox girl Hanhan Nai shares some memorable moments in her life. How long has it been since you had a smile like that? Hanhan wants to tell us in the Hanle series, to cherish every moment and regular thing around us. Cause who knows, learn to live here and now.


Series Name: Rolife Hanhan Hanle Surprise Figure Dolls

Surprise Figure Dolls: This series includes 12 different figures. Maybe you will get 1 HIDDEN EDITION figure (Go shopping). A certain chance to win this hidden edition.

You will never know what you get until you open the box!

Product Display

薯片憨 Eat chips

蹲蹲憨 Poo poo

撸猫憨 Pet the cat

打扫憨 Do the cleaning

泡泡憨 Take a bath

游戏憨 Play games

  运动憨 Do exercises

撸串憨 BBQ

学习憨 Go studying

奶茶憨 Drink milk tea

遛狗憨 Walk the dog

美妆憨 Beauty han


购物憨 Go shopping

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