Free Time Bookshop DS008


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 6.5h

Assembled Size: 85*62*128mm

Pieces: 64

About this item

Free Time Shop is a miniature house of Mini Town series. The whole scene is created in a small box. Using blue as the main color, this book shop looks fresh and cozy and reminds people of the sea of knowledge. Besides, the roof of it can be moved so that different houses can be combined together.


DS008 Free Time Bookshop

In the Happy Town, there is a small bookshop called Free Time Bookshop. Like its name shows, it is a good place to go when you are free or don’t know what to do. Children like reading some fairy tales here. Adults love spending leisure time here. With a cup of tea and a classic book, it’s wonderful to stay here for a whole day. Remember that phones are not allowed here so come here if you want to enjoy quiet reading world without interruptions and noise. Besides, if you don't know what to give for presents, come to this bookshop. The bookstore owner can never go wrong with his selection of books as a gift.


Well-organized bookshelf
Transparent shop window
Mini umbrella stand
Roof that can be taken down
Colorful wrapping paper and books
Hidden battery box at the bottom

This miniature house is a common bookshop scene that we can often see in real life. There is a well-designed door and window with blue color. Well organized book shelf and book stand add an atmosphere for reading. With a roof that can be easily moved, it’ s an interesting process to assemble it and combine it with other houses.


Vertical view
Bottom view
Left side view
Right side view
Front view
Back view


DIY assembly to exercise manual skills
Combination with other mini houses
House decor of delicacy
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