Strawberry Milk Box DS034

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Resin parts

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Assembled Size: 183*116*155mm

Package Size: 250*192*50mm

Pieces: 73

About this item

This new house is designed into a strawberry milk box shape. The pink color and strawberry elements make it look very cute. After 1.5-hour assembly, it can be a delicate decor and used for pretend play games.


DS034 Strawberry Milk Box

The rabbit opens a milk shop. However, there are many milk shops in the town competing with each other. The next-door shop opened by the cow’s family is so popular that few people go to her shop. Just before the shop is about to close, she comes up with a good idea. She wants to make milk with a new taste because all milk sold is pure milk. Then, she chooses her favorite strawberries to mix with milk together. The sweet and fresh strawberry milk becomes very popular and many customers like the new flavor. Since then, the rabbit has more and more regular customers.


Plastic straw design
Pick-up counter
Hollow skylight
Refrigerator with various milk
Checkout counter
Milk dispensers

This is a very cute pink house with many strawberry elements. The base and the checkout counter look like spilled milk, which is fun and creative. Behind the counter, there is a cabinet with two milk dispensers. Also, there is a high-capacity refrigerator with various milk inside. Through the hollow skylight, a warm light can be seen on the roof.


Pretend play games with dolls
Unique gift for friends and family
Creative table decor
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