Borrowed Garden DS013


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 7h

Assembled Size: 85*70*130mm

Pieces: 103

About this item

Borrowed Garden is a miniature house with the scene of a small garden. The main color of this house is dark wood color. It looks very natural and relaxing. With a theme of borrowing things, many things in this mini house are designed in a creative way. With a roof that can be moved, it can make different scenes with other houses.


DS013 Borrowed Garden

In the Mini Town, there are a group of tiny people called the borrowers. Their height is just like a normal human’s hand. They make a living by borrowing some things from humans. This borrowed garden belongs to a little girl. She decorates this beautiful garden in a creative way. She uses a wood clamp as a bench and reads book here, uses pins to make a fence. What’s more, she borrows a can and transforms it into a gate. In a way, she is kind of an artist. This garden is colorful and full of fun. She is always keen to borrowing things and decorating her garden.


Hanging coloured ribbon
Bench made of wood clip
Door made of a rolled-up can
Fruit tray with fresh fruits
The pin fence
Triangular roof that can be moved

This is a very mini and cute garden. There is a door made of a rolled-up can, a fence made of pins. The bench is actually a wood clamp and the borrower often reads here. In addition, a beautiful coloured ribbon is hanging on the house. Everything is so cute and fun that people want to explore in this garden.


Vertical view
Bottom view
Left side view
Right side view
Front view
Back view


Garden scene in palm-sized box
Interesting and creative way to assemble
Eye-catching display at home
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