Sweet Jam Shop DS010


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 7.5h

Assembled Size: 90*75*155mm

Pieces: 76

About this item

Sweet Jam Shop is one of mini houses from Mini Town series. This house uses wood color and green as the main colors. With a big jam making machine and some jam jars, it seems to make people smell the sweet scent of jam. In addition, you can move its roof to combine it with other houses with your creativity.


DS010 Sweet Jam Shop

There is a workshop full of sweet fragrance in the Magic Town, which produces jams that can make people feel happy. This jam shop brings a lot of sweet moments to the residents here. Different jam has different flavors and different magic. For example, there is a kind of jam that makes you feel energetic after eating, and some jam that allows you to recall sweet memories again. Welcome to this magic jam house and try this jam!


Jam making machine
Warm-colored light
Wooden counter with different jam
Hidden battery box at the bottom​
Side opening window
Roof that can be moved

Like real jam store, there is a jam making machine in the house so that you can see the production process of jam vividly. Also, a wooden counter with jam stands at the door to show that the shopkeeper is busy with selling all kinds of jam. Over the counter, there is a grape vine with ripe grape. The whole house seemed to be filled with the sweet smell of jam.


Vertical view
Bottom view
Left side view
Right side view
Front view
Back view


Fine ornament on table or shelf
Palm-sized mini house
Combination in creative ways
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