Bubble Bath DS018

Age: 14+

Material: Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 4h

Assembled Size: 70*70*90mm

Pieces: 59

About this item

Bubble Bath is a palm-sized miniature house. The main colors of this house are pink and white. It’s like a bathroom of an adorable girl. With finished parts and few pieces, it can be assembled quickly.


DS018 Bubble Bath

After a tiring weekday, I come back home and have a simple dinner. Then, I go to the bathroom and gently open the tap to make the bathtub filled with warm water. After doing that, I begin to enjoy a bath in my bubble bathtub, with the petals flowing on the water and the smell of milk. In this small bathtub, I am immersed in my private world at this moment with gentle music.


Bubble bathtub with a drink and dessert
Vintage record player
Detailed decorations

It is a lovely bathroom. A lot of things are in pink color like the shower curtain, slippers, the towel and even the bottle of shampoo. There is a cup of tea and dessert that you can enjoy when taking a bath. Beside the bathtub, there is a vintage record player to make this scene more relaxing and cozy.


Special home decor
Easy and quick assembly
Palm-sized mini house
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