Accordion TG410

Age: 8+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 2h

Pieces: 156

Assembled Size: 170*75*95mm

About this item:

TG410 is a mini scale model of a accordion. It simulates a real accordion and can be played. It can be easily assembled in 2 hours.


Last summer, I traveled in Italy. Walking on an old street, I found an antique store. There were many vintage objects. I was attracted by a beautiful accordion. It was an old accordion but you can see it was kept well in the window. The owner is an old man and he told me it was his wife's favorite accordion. She was an excellent performer and now he kept it well in this store after she passed away.

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden pieces from the board.

Step 2

Assemble it step by step according to the assembly instruction.

Step 3

Pull the finished accordion slightly to play or put it on the table.


Exquisite fretwork

Simulated bellows

Key buttons


Mini accordion model to play
Creative gift for music lovers
Fine ornament on the table
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