Rolife Accordion 3D Wooden Puzzles TG410

Brand: Rolife
Age Range(Description) : Adult, Kids
Material: Wood, Accessories package, etc.
Theme:3D Wooden Puzzle Assembly

About this item

This product requires you to assemble it with your patience and does not require glue. The shape of the product is a very realistic accordion. After finishing assembling, it can be used as a decoration at home. This mechanical wooden puzzle toy uses precision laser cutting of high- quality plywood. The materials are safe and environmental friendly, with no peculiar smell. Don’t put it in a wet place.


ORIGINAL BRAND AND PRODUCT Rolife adheres to the original research and development concept and focuses on the Play-Brand of DIY models. Rolife insists on speaking to the world trends with China design, following cute and independent spirit to express the life attitude of the contemporary Chinese youth and recreate the new Ecology of oriental art toy. 

Rolife Music Instruments series is inspired by the instruments prevailed in last century, including characteristic models, TG309, TG409, TG410, TG411. They are designed with exquisite details into mini scales, at the same time retain the complicated structures of original. Let these mini models lead you to the epic history of the music instruments. Self-assemble, scale model, replica of classic instruments, detailed structures.

Craft artSmooth in color, texture like real accordion, elegant in appearance and easy in handling. Flexible simulation accordion. Exquisitely intricate in detail. 

Realistic Details

Exquisite fretwork


Bending technology


  • It is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and fun. Intricate and thoughtful design. When you assemble it, the cyclone brainstorming can definitely increase concentration and logical thinking and give you a hearty decompression process.

  • Easy to assemble. A parents-child activity.

  • Making this mechanical model toy requires your patience and empowerment. In addition, the successful result will produce a sense of accomplishment. 

Ecofriendly Material

  • High-grade natural plywood
  • Laser-cut technology
  • All pieces are perfect match
  • Safe and enviromental friendly

Build your own Saxophone


Beautiful Package
Pre-cut Wood Sheets
Accessory Tools
Detailed English Instruction Manual


Follow the steps in the detailed english manual.
Pre-cut wooden boards will be easy to remove the pieces out of the sheets.
Pop out the wooden pieces.


Build your own mini wooden craft step by step. 
Enjoy the process and be careful.

Product Information

Package Dimensions: 153.5*10*228.5mm

Assembly Size: 170*75*95mm

Items Included: Plywood,Accessory Tools

The Average Assembly Time: 2H

Item Weight: 150g

Wood Pieces: 156pcs

Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Manufacturer: Rolife

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