Eiffel Tower TG501

Age: 8+

Material: Plywood

Assembly Time: 3h

Assembled Size: 160*151*367mm

Package Size: 155*11.6*229mm


About this item:

Eiffel Tower is inspired by the French famous building, Eiffel Tower. It is designed with details into a mini scale model. It can be a home decor after finishing it.


Eiffel Tower, a landmark of Paris, stands beside the Seine River. At the beginning, it was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the victory of the French Revolution. And later, it has become a vital part in Paris. People all over the world are impressed by its beauty and romance.


Tower tip

Tower body

Tower base


Excellent gift to friends and family
Exquisite ornament at home
Enjoy DIY assembly with children
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