Book Nook – A Romantic Journey

We designed this book nooks so that people in a fast-paced work and life can stop and take a break. You will have an afternoon of leisure. You may be with a friend or lover, or you may be alone and start assembling this DIY book nook on a beautiful afternoon. In the assembly process, you will find that the impetuosity and anxiety in your body have all disappeared. In its place is tranquility and contentment. You may not have the time or opportunity to travel around the world, but you can experience different beauty in the assembled book nooks.




This is TGB05, Falling Sakura.

The scene shown in the book nook is a girl looking up and intoxicated by the moonlight and sakura. The surrounding architecture is beautiful and classical. The whole image presents a quiet and aesthetic atmosphere. What was the girl thinking? Maybe she’s thinking about distant relatives, maybe she’s thinking about the boy she loves, maybe she’s thinking about nothing.




This is TGB01, Sakura Densya.

Clusters of sakura bloom on the branches. Some petals are blown down in the river by the wind, as if our troubles are also blown off by the wind and disappear with the current. Many times we wanted to see sakura, but the flowering period was limited. And by the time we had time, the flowers had long since withered. This book nook can help us keep the most beautiful sakura.




This is TGB02, Sunshine Town.

The whole book nook is in warm colors. It makes us feel like we are in a sunny afternoon town. Walking up the steps idly and casually entering a bookstore. Then we buy a book and head to the coffee shop next door. We drink coffee and eat dessert while reading a book. There are no other trivial matters to disturb, and time seems to have stopped.




This is TGB03, Magic House.

The overall tone is relatively gloomy, creating a mysterious atmosphere. It makes people feel as if they are walking in a dark and backlit alley, and the next second they will break through the wall and enter the magical world. Dark owls, dropped brooms, dilapidated brick walls, everything is so delicate and realistic.




This is TGB04, Time Travel.

Maybe everyone fantasizes about going back in time, going back to childhood, going back to carefree childhood. The main body of this book is a large locomotive with a clock hanging directly above, as if preparing to take you on a time travel. Let’s go back to the past together, make up for the regrets of the past, and experience the joy again. Or go into the future together and explore the mysteries of time.

What do you do in your spare time? You may choose some sports activities, such as playing basketball, swimming, etc. You might engage in some entertainment, such as watching a movie. You can make assembling your hobby. Spend half a day on your holiday assembling to get a nice decoration. We hope that our products can bring you joy, tranquility and hope.

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