Sakura Journey TGS02

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood

Assembly Time: 2.5h

Pieces: 223

Assembled Size: 232*140*167mm

Package Size: 318*230*40mm

About this item:

Sakura Journey replicates the Enoshima tram and creates a romantic scene. With the easy-insertion design, it can be finished with no use of glue. Power on it by the Type-C port, and it can be lit up with 6 LED bulbs.


After a long day, Adam takes the tram to home as usual. Soon, he gets off the tram at his stop but suddenly he finds that everything surrounding him is changing. After a few minutes, he becomes a high school student again and stands in front of the school gate. He realizes it is that tram brings him back to the past. At this moment, he sees a girl walking in the school. He had a crush on her for three years, but he had never told her. He felt so regretful after high school but they didn’t meet again. Given an opportunity, he feels so lucky and decides to confess his love to her this time. It will be a romantic story with a happy ending!

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden pieces carefully according to the assembly instruction.

Step 2

Follow the instruction and assemble it step by step.

Step 3

Connect to the power and display the finished tram.


Replicated tram head

Passengers with different postures

Warm LED lights

Immersive platform design

Type-C port

Sakura stickers


Retro tram decor with warm lights
Creative gift
Improve hands-on skills
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