Pumpkin Cart TG302

Age: 14+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Pieces: 182

Assembled Size: 155*70*115mm

About this item:

Pumpkin Cart is inspired by fairy tales and it is an elaborately-designed pumpkin cart model. With insertion design, it can be assembled in 1.5 hours without glue. After finishing assembly, it can be used as a decoration at home.


The poor girl Cinderella was sad and disappointed because she couldn’t go to the dancing party held by the prince. At this time, a fairy appeared and cast a spell. Cinderella suddenly became gorgeous and dressed in an elegant gown. A mice turned into a carter and a pumpkin turned into a delicate cart. She is ready to shine on the party.

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden parts carefully from the package according to the assembly instruction.

Step 2

Follow the instruction and assemble it step by step.

Step 3

Put the finished carriage on the table.


Detailed carter's seat

Carriage interior

Exquisite fretwork


Great gift to friends and family
Hand-made wooden decor
Exercise hands-on ability
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