Cruise Ship TG306

Age: 14+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1h

Pieces: 145

Assembled Size: 191*51*109mm

About this item:

It is a scale model of the cruise ship that is often seen in movies. It is luxurious and delicate and reminds people of a romantic and relaxing long journey. With the insertion design, it can be assembled in 1 hour.


Far away from the ground, there is another world. Many countries live in the sky like people living on the ground. There is a war recently happening there. The king of Sky City sends his best pilots to fight in airships. Facing the wind, waving the wings, the airship is roaring in the sky. The battle in the sky begins.


Chimneys with smoke pouring

Realistic cabins

Wave-shaped ship bottom


Great gift for DIY lovers
Scale model to collect
Intricate ornament on the table or shelf
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