Tower Bridge TG412

Age: 14+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Pieces: 113

Assembled Size: 360*75*117mm

About this item:

Tower Bridge is a wooden bridge model that combines bascule and suspension bridge. It is a 1:24 scale model inspired by the famous iconic symbol of Tower Bridge in London. It can be a fancy decor at home.



Tower Bridge is a movable bridge of the double-leaf bascule type that spans the River Thames, built in 1886. It is a symbolic landmark in London. It has appeared in many famous movies and impressed people with its unique appearance. This model shows the respect of this wonderful architecture.

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden pieces carefully according to the assembly instruction.

Step 2

Follow the instruction and assemble it step by step.

Step 3

Put the finished model on the table and turn on the light.


Flexible bridge surface

Warm-colored light

Exquisite and realistic details


Intricate home decor
Scale model of classic architecture with light
Enjoy the pleasure of assembly
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