Teddy’s Breadbox DS033

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Resin parts

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Assembled Size: 160*90*145mm

Package Size: 250*192*50mm

Pieces: 67

About this item

It is a creatively-designed house with a breadbox shape. It can be quickly finished in 1.5 hours with the insertion design and many pre-made props. After assembly, it can be a table decor and used for pretend play games.


DS033 Teddy's Breadbox

Teddy has opened a bakery on a busy street recently. The whole bakery is designed with the theme of a bear. The specialty bread is bear-shaped bread and bear claw cookies. Many animals wait in line for freshly baked bread at the door every morning. With cute shapes and delicious tastes, his bread becomes very popular. Therefore, he decides to take part in a baking contest with his secret recipe. Not unexpectedly, he wins the contest and buys a large oven with the prize to make more yummy bread for customers.


Croissant-shaped handle
Large oven with baked cake
Hollow skylight
Bear-shaped bread
Pick-up counter
Openable door

The whole house looks like a bread box with a handle. The yellow and white colors make it look warm and cozy. It is a bakery with many cute bear elements such as the bear-shaped chalkboard, the signboard with a paw pattern, the bear-shaped bread, etc. In the cabinet, there is various lifelike bread displayed. In addition, there is a flower-shaped LED light and a hollow skylight on the roof.


Interactive parent-child activity
Excellent gift choice
Creative table decor
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