Rolife Sunset Carnival AMT01

Age : 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Plastic

Size: 177*142*414mm

About this item

The scene structure differs from the previous music box, using the TV as a framework to bring you a new experience. Upgraded material, full-fit insertion assembly plus German laser-cutting technology give you an easy and convenient assembly process.

The beautiful music can take you away from the busy life and give you happiness. The top light and backlight create a sense of sunset atmosphere.




Sunset Carnival

Enter into a vintage television set and immerse yourself in a classic amusement park scene. With adjustable lighting, set the perfect ambiance as you listen to the melodies controlled by a rotating knob. Let the magic unfold as these music boxes bring nostalgic charm to any space.


Insertion Design

Scene Night Light

Thoughtful Gifts

Assembly pieces



The insertion design and the physical structure without glue give you an easy and new assembly experience. You can finish this beautiful music box in about 3 to 5 hours.

You can make it your night light. Turn the left button to control the lights. There are 3 lights for you. The first light is the main light at the top. The second light is the LED lamp band. And the last light is at the circus.


Assemble according to detailed instruction books. 


Turn the left knob to control the lights.

3 lights in total: the toplight, the LED lamp band, and the ambiance light behind the circus.

Turn the right knob to control the rotation and to play the music.


I. Minuet in G from Anna Magdalena

II. Minuet in G Major

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