Sunset Carnival AMT01

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, PET, ABS

Assembly Time: 3h

Assembled Size: 177*142*414mm

Package Size: 230*64*310mm

Pieces: 174

About this item:

Sunset Carnival is a music box, using the TV as a framework to bring a new experience. The full-fit insertion makes it be assembled in about 3 hours. The top light and back light create a sunset atmosphere.



Mica fell asleep when she was watching television. All of sudden, there was a burst of light from the TV. Mica found she was in a big circus. A little bear was dancing to the music. Behind it, there was a huge sky wheel and a roller coaster with many people on it. The round sun was setting and it is full of a happy atmosphere. She couldn’t help dancing to the music with others. It was such a sweet and joyful dream.


Roller coaster shadow

Plastic button and faux leather

Various gondola scenes

Rotating circus

Performing bear riding on a wheel

TV-shaped design


Creative music box

It is a creative music box with two songs supporting recurrent play.

I. Minuet in G from Anna Magdalena-Bach
II. Minuet in G Major-Beethoven

Ambient lights

There are 3 parts with lights including the top of the TV, the sunset part and the circus. With a Type-C port, it can be used as a night lamp.


1. Assemble the music box according to the instruction and put the finished model on the table. 

2. Turn the left knob to control the lights.

3. Turn the right knob to control the rotation and to play the music.


Exquisite home decor on the table

Well-designed music box and night lamp

Thoughtful and creative gift

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