Starry Night AM44

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Musical movement

Assembly Time: 2h

Assembled Size: 114*114*190mm

Package Size: 163*123*240mm

Pieces: 174

About this item:

Starry Night is a music box with the shape of a merry-go-round. It is rich in color and has paintings on the base. The finished model can be a music box or a home decor.



A little girl is dreaming. In her dream, there are some unicorns, which run around her happily. Colorful lights shine in the building. The night sky is aglow with fireworks. She goes along the street and there is a small castle. She opens the door and there is a beautiful woman dressed in a gorgeous gown playing the piano. It is herself in the future. Becoming a pianist has always been her dream. She is so excited about the coming future.


Gold lacquer craft

Rotating castle on the top

Exquisite painting on the board


Creative music box

It is a creative music box with a merry-go-round scene.

It's A Small World

Rotating movement

The high-quality music box movement, which is imported from Japan makes the sound loud and clear.


Well-designed music box

DIY assembly fun

Exquisite home decor on the table

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