Rolife DIY Music Box City In The Sky AM45

Brand: Rolife
Age Range(Description) : Adult,Kids
Material: Wood,Accessories package,etc.
Theme:3D Wooden Puzzle Assembly,Music Box

About this item

【Classic Music Box】The cute music box is made of wood, laser-cut and high-quality. The exquisite carvings and refined details around the wooden music box is especially eye-catching. The music box will play a part of It’s A Small World when you turn the handle on the bottom. No Batteries Required.
【Unlimited Fun】The perfect combination of craftsmanship and music. You need to assemble the whole music box by yourself or with your family. It will be a good try. It can also develop left brain, train mental skills and powerful logical thinking. Cyclone brainstorming enhances focus and learning.
【A Unique Gift】The best gift for your family, friends, or Mother’s day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day and anniversary day. It will become a precious gift for many years to come. A perfect decoration in room or living room.
【Melody】18 Note Mechanism. both kids and adults can enjoy a clear, pleasant and meaningful melody. The music playback is soothing and coherent. Twist the clockwork and swim up in the city in the sky with mellow melody. Its sound makes you feel cozy and relief.


ORIGINAL BRAND AND PRODUCT Rolife adheres to the original research and development concept and focuses on the Play-Brand of DIY models. Rolife insists on speaking to the world trends with China design, following cute and independent spirit to express the life attitude of the contemporary Chinese youth and recreate the new Ecology of oriental art toy. 

City In The Sky

The music box will bring you a lot of joy and sweet in your daily life. It is a priceless and beautiful gift!

Twist the clockwork at the bottom. It will make you feel like you are listening to a story with the classic melody. Cozy and relife.

Easy to use, Just crank the handle, both kids and adults can enjoy a clear, pleasant and meaningful melody.

It is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and music. Intricate and thoughtful design. When you assemble it, the cyclone brainstorming can definitely increase concentration and logical thinking and give you a hearty decompression process.

Wind Up The Key On The Bottom and It Plays <Castle In The Sky>

Premium Mechanism
Twist the crack on the bottom to enjoy a clear, pleasant and meaningful melody. Open the lid, you can see the gears and how it works.

Amazing Detail and Craftsmanship

The wonderful fretwork and the 18-Note movement make the whole music box a unique and exquisite artwork. Crank the handle, the music begins, enjoying the wonderful moment. It is very gorgeousWhen you tinghten the spring, it is like you are roaming in the city in the sky.

Unlimited Fun for Kids
The perfect combination of craftsmanship and music. The tiny music is easy to assemble with our detailed instructions. You can assemble it alone or with your loved ones, that will be fun and touching. Enjoy the decompression process and the magic of the music.  

Magical color pearlescent paper

Gold lacquer craft

High-grade 100%-natural plywood

          Laser-cut: more refined details, more realistic scenarios

Vertical roller movement
Bidirectional counter rotating movement

Eighteen Tone Serinette movement
         Steel imported from Japan,       
which makes the tone louder and clearer

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