Saxophone TG309

Age: 8+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Pieces: 136

Assembled Size: 85*70*230mm

About this item:

TG309 is a mini scale model of a saxophone. It can be easily assembled in 1.5 hours without glue. It can be a home decor on the table or shelf.



The saxophone is an amazing instrument. It has a metal body, but it has a gentle sound. It can mimic the sound of a bird or the roar of a car. At dusk, it is so romantic to sit on a wooden bench in the park, listen to the melodious sound of the saxophone, and quietly watch the sunset.

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden pieces from the board.

Step 2

Assemble it step by step according to the assembly instruction.

Step 3

Put the finished model on the table.


Saxophone body made of bending boards

Key buttons

Exquisite fretwork


Elaborate ornament on the table
Enjoy DIY assembly pleasure
Great gift to friends and family
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