Plutus Cat TG303

Age: 8+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 0.5h

Pieces: 72

Assembled Size: 99*94.5*113.5mm

About this item:

This series is inspired by plutus cat. Despite its small size, its appearance is nearly similar with the plutus cat that is often seen in stores. The bell hung around its neck makes the cat more cute and vivid.


There was a poor girl who had lived on each other all these years. She couldn’t afford to go to school so she stayed at home to clean house and cook for her mom. She often fed homeless cat near her house. One day, she found a plutus cat and brought it home. Later, her mom got a decent job and began to earn more money. Their life became better and better. She thought it must be plutus cat that brought luck to her family.


Smile expression

Cat body

Remarkable Chinese characters


Elaborate decoration on the table
Great gift to friends and family
A cute wooden mascot
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