Rolife Nanci Teatime Surprise Figure Dolls

Nanci Teatime

Age Range(Description): 14 years and up
Package size: 60*60*110mm
Specification: 12 Basic+2 Hidden
Material: PVC/Paper
【About Random】Note – each blind box is randomly arranged. Each package includes 1 beautiful random character and 1 character card. Before opening, no one knows which doll you unwrap. Seize the chance to get the precious hidden doll!

Nanci Teatime is about a tea party that was held in a European-style Manor. Ladies all dressed up and get together to spend a leisurely but formal party. Thanks to Baker Nanci we have a lot of delicate desserts! One of the happiest things in the world is a girl’s party! Wearing gorgeous clothes having delicious food and chatting with best friends… How comfy is this!


Series Name: Rolife Nanci Teatime Surprise Figure Dolls

Surprise Figure Dolls: This series includes 12 different figures. Maybe you will get HIDDEN EDITION figures (Mint Smoothie and Lady Nanci). A certain chance to win this hidden edition.

You will never know what you get until you open the box!

Product Display


Pastray Chef





Blueberry Pie

Match Swiss Roll

Little Mango

Strawberry Cake

Ice-cream Cone

Lemon Black Tea

Hidden-Mint Smoothie

Hidden-Lady Nanci

Dolls Size: Stylized collectable doll stands 79-93mm tall. Each package box is 60*60*110mm. We measure the size manually. Slight differences are considered normal.

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