Rolife Nanci Chinese Yuzichengshuo Character Surprise Figure Dolls

Toy Figure Type: Doll
Brand: Rolife
Age Range(Description): 14 years and up
Item Size:80-91mm
Material: PVC/Paper
Theme: Gift, Christmas, Holiday, Birthday

About this item


【About Random】Note – each blind box is randomly arranged. Each package includes 1 beautiful random character and 1 character card. Before opening, no one knows which doll you unwrap. Seize the chance to get the precious hidden doll!

Chinese yuzichengshuo series includes several symbolized characters in Chinese history and ancient folks. All of them are household names. They passed many beautiful cherished qualities of human beings to their later generations in some legendary romantic stories. They are sincere, royalty, brave, patient, and determined in their choices. What is romance? Nanci will tell you in yuzichengshuo.


Series Name: Rolife Nanci Chinese Yuzichengshuo Character Surprise Figure Dolls

Surprise Figure Dolls: This series includes 12 different figures. Maybe you will get 1 HIDDEN EDITION figure (Yu Ji). A certain chance to win this hidden edition.

You will never know what you get until you open the box!

Product Display

Xu Xian 许仙 

Bai Suzhen 白素贞 

Niu Lang 牛郎 

Zhi Nv 织女 

 Ning Caichen 宁采臣

 Nie Xiaoqian 聂小倩

 Liang Shanbo 梁山伯

 Zhu Yingtai 祝英台

 Tang Bohu 唐伯虎

 Qiu Xiang 秋香

 Xiao Qing 小青

 Xiang Yu 项羽


Yu Ji 虞姬 


Dolls Size: Stylized collectable doll stands 80-91mm tall. Each package box is 60*60*110mm. We measure the size manually. Slight differences are considered normal.

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