Honey Ice-cream Shop DG148


Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.

Assembly Time: 24h

Assembly Size: 225*150*160mm

Pieces: 170

About this item

DG148 belongs to the Leisure Time series which are all designed as single-family house with a transparent PET sheet to make them spacious and bright. The honey ice-cream house is fulled with pink decorations in order to make a sweet and lovely scene of ice-cream shop. With many detailed finished parts, you can enjoy to build this ice-cream shop!




DG148 Honey Ice-cream Shop

The owner of this ice-cream shop in the small town is a young lady. She moved here with a pretty white cat and opened an ice-cream shop on the street. She bought that small shop, printed and decorated it with white and pink colors. The most wonderful thing is that she can make delicious ice cream and all the people love them. They say her ice-cream can bring them a sense of happiness just like she knows some magic.


Ingredients for making ice cream
Delicate watering pot
Little cat on the chair
Wall of blossoms
Signboard with ice-cream shape decoration
Wooden menu board

This house is decorated with many warm colors including white walls and stairs, the pink frames of window and door, the dark pink goods shelf and wood color cabinets. These parts make up a sweet and bright ice cream shop. Besides, there is beautiful flower wall and many potted plant around the house.


Intricate design of an ice-cream shop scene
Enrich the house with figurines
Simulation of operation
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