Kiki’s Magic Emporium DG155

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 10h

Assembled Size: 215*153*175cm

Pieces: 148

About this item

Kiki’s Magic Emporium is one of miniature houses from Mystic Archives Series. It creates a mysterious store scene with classic colors and magic elements.


DG155 Kiki's Magic Emporium

When the clock strikes 12, the mystic emporium on the street corner opens. The luminous crystal ball and the mysterious spell, everything belongs to the magic world. The owner Kiki has the most powerful magic and treasures all over the world. Every night she waits for new guest to exchange their secrets. What kind of secret do the guests come here with? What wishes do they want to make here? Welcome to Kiki's Magic Emporium and start your magic journey!


Classical witch hat
Golden embossed photo frame
Creative signboard
Multi-layer shelf
Storage cabinet
Over 10 magical props
This amazing magic emporium has elaborate designs and details. The witch hat on the chair and the photo of the owl indicate the identity of the shop owner. Inside the cabinet, there are strange jars and many small items. Besides, there are unknown symbols everywhere, increasing the mysterious atmosphere in this house.


Exquisite magic scene
DIY magic house with a LED light
Unique home decor
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