Dora’s Loft DG12


Material:Wood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.

Assembly Time: 26h

Assembly Size: 230*160*260mm

Pieces: 171

About this item

Dora’s loft is inspired by many beautiful lofts we often see in movies and daily life. With two floors, the house is divided into two different parts. On the first floor there is a book shelf and a cozy sofa to make people enjoy reading time here. On the second floor, it is more spacious. It’s relaxing time to sit on the chair and enjoy some music under the sun.


DG12 Dora’s LOFT

Dora has her own world in her lovely loft. In the morning of weekend, she waters beautiful flowers in the house, makes herself a cup of tea and gets ready to spend her wonderful day in her warm and cozy home. There are many activities that often happen in this spacious upstairs room. Sometimes, she invites several friends home, talks and enjoys a lunch with them. In other time, she just looks through a magazine with some light music in the sun. When night comes, she goes downstairs, picks a book and reads it in her cozy sofa. A leisurely and pleasant life still continues in Dora’s loft.


Macaron color decoration
Orderly books and photos
Detailed cat bowl
Flowery spiral staircase
Vintage camera
Cozy pink sofa

It is a modern loft house with two floors. On the first floor, there is a well-organized book shelf and a cozy sofa to create a comfortable reading zone. Many pictures of cute cats hanging on the wall and the cat’s bowl and house on the ground shows Dora loves her cats. On the second floor, it is a bright room with many green plants. With sun lights shining, the house is full of life.


Creative gift for DIY lovers
Develop mental and manual ability
Modern loft scene
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