Night of the Eiffel Tower TGL01

Age: 14+

Material: MDF board, String lights

Assembly Time: 3h

Pieces: 164

Assembled Size: 220*213*530 mm

About this item:

Night of the Eiffel Tower is inspired by the worldwide famous architecture Eiffel Tower. With delicate and hollow-carved design, it is a mini scale model and a high-precision replica Parisian wonder. It can be easily assembled in 3 hours without glue. With warm colored light and larger size, it reminds people of the beauty of the real Eiffel tower.


Eiffel Tower, a well-known Parisian landmark that is also a technological masterpiece in building-construction history. To celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, this tower was finished in 1889. Meanwhile, its unique structure became a revolution in civil engineering and architectural design. In order to pay a tribute to this world wonder, the designer made this mini scale model of Eiffel Tower with replicating the exquisite geometric space design of the original masterpiece. With bright lights and rust boards, this model is vivid and realistic.

Assembly Process

Step 1
Open the package and take out the parts carefully. Remember to keep them well in case of missing.

Step 2
Take out pieces from the boards carefully and assemble them step by step according to the instruction.

Step 3
Put the finished model on the table and turn on the light.


Touch light with 4 lighting modes

The model is more than a delicate art decoration. With a touch light and four lighting modes, it can be a night lamp to provide ambient lighting through a Type-C port.

Replication of the Eiffel Tower in 638:1

The model replicates “the Eiffel Tower”, one of the most famous and classic architectures in proportion to 638:1 with a delicate and high-precision design. Like the real tower, this model has light and using rust boards makes the model more realistic.

Exquisite base and hidden wires

On the base of the tower, there is a creative design of a touch switch, the Paris map and a 3D “Paris” word. Besides, the wires are hidden in the base for the aesthetic appearance and easy assembly for DIY beginners.

How to Switch Between 4 Lighting Modes

1. Insert the USB Type-C power cable and touch the switch to turn on the lights(Type-C power cable needs to be prepared by yourself).

2. Consecutive touches within 5 seconds on the switch can switch between different lighting modes. There are four lighting modes and the lighting sequences are constant light, flowing light, breathing light and flashing light.

3. After 5 seconds of illumination, touch the switch again to turn off the light.


Parent-child interaction
Fancy decor to make home stylish
Excellent gift to your family and friends
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