Hot Air Balloon TG406

Age: 14+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Pieces: 140

Assembled Size: 155*104*208mm

About this item:

Hot Air Balloon is a scale model inspired by movies, replicating a real hot air balloon in real life. It can be finished in about 1.5 hours without using glue. The finished model can be a home decor.


Have you ever dreamed to take a hot air balloon, travel between the blue sky and white clouds, and embrace the romantic beauty of Turkey. Thanks to the wisdom of human, the hot air balloon was invented to make people go to the sky like a bird. It helps people explore the unknown sky and enjoy the stunning scenery.


Exquisite fretwork

Domed frame as a balloon

Detailed clouds at the bottom


DIY assembly to have fun
A gift to friends and family
Wooden home decor on the table
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