Mose’s Detective Agency DG157

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Plastic

Assembly Time: 10h

Assembled Size: 202*148*158mm

Package Size: 276.5*66*210mm

Pieces: 159

About this item

Mose’s Detective Agency is one of miniature houses from Mystic Archives Series. It replicates a classic scene that appears in many detective novels and movies. The house features a British style with delicate props and decorations.


DG157 Mose's Detective Agency

It was another rainy night in London and Mose’s Detective Agency still had lights on. Watching the dense clues on the wall, Mose recalled all the details of the case. Who was the murderer? It occurred to him something suddenly. He seemed to find something unusual. The phone suddenly rang and the police found a victim again. Mose hurriedly put on a coat, took an umbrella and went to the scene of the crime. “I’ll catch you this time.” Mose silently said.


Glossy vintage telephone

British-style backpack

Hidden clue wall

European-style window and door

Classic detective hat

Realistic leather suitcase

Every furniture and every decorative prop in this miniature house were elaborately designed. Those old objects like the vintage typewriter, the glass table lamp and the telephone can take you back to the last century. The hidden clues on the wall tell a tale of mystery and suspense. Pretend to be a detective and begin a thrilling investigation now!


Detective scene replication
Perfect gift for detective fans
Characteristic home decor
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