Garage Workshop DG165

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Plastic

Assembly Time: 3.5h

Assembled Size: 240*149*171mm

Package Size: 276.5*66*210mm

Pieces: 157

About this item

Garage Workshop creates a garage scene with a variety of repair tools, tyres, storage cabinets and so on. Bright colors and delicate decorations will bring a novel and interesting assembly experience.


DG165 Garage Workshop

Mike has loved cars very much since he was a little boy. After being an adult, he gets a job as a motor mechanic in a garage. It is difficult at the beginning. Working hard from morning to night, he feels tired everyday. Gradually, he learns a lot about vehicle maintenance and repair and becomes an experienced mechanic. After saving a large amount of money, he opens his own garage. Since he is good at car repairing and modification, he is currently focusing on modifying rally cars and will take part in a car racing soon.


Various auto repair tools
Portable tool kit
Openable cabinet
Folding ladder
Removable roller cart
Multilayer storage rack

This is a modern garage workshop. The repairing area is in the middle of this workshop with a removable cart, a tool kit and a chair. On the left side, there is a large cabinet, a folding ladder and some materials on the multilayer rack. Besides, a variety of realistic tools are hanging on the wall, bringing an authentic experience.


Unique home decor
Fun and relaxing assembly experience
Great gift for DIY lovers
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