Global Wonders TGM01

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, MDF board

Assembly Time: 2.5h

Pieces: 277

Assembled Size: 162*146*234mm

Package Size: 318*230*40mm

About this item

Global Wonders is a scaled-down wooden globe. Replicating a real globe, it is marked with geographical names and can be rotated. It is a creative home decor and educational assembly model.


The globe is a 3D scale model of the earth. Just like the earth, it is a sphere, showing the locations of major cities, different countries and continents. The oldest known globe was made more than 2100 years ago by Crates of Mallus, a Greek philosopher and geographer. The birth of the globe expanded people’s horizon and also provided convenience for later generations of explorers, helping them to know about the geographical features of the earth such as mountains, rivers, oceans, etc. In conclusion, it is a significant invention, displaying the wisdom and observation of humans.

Assembly Process

Step 1

Take out corresponding wooden pieces carefully according to the assembly instruction.

Step 2

Follow the instruction and assemble it step by step.

Step 3

Put the finished model on the table or rotate it by hand to observe different locations.


12 sturdy frames

Smooth rotation

Landmark cities

Planet connecting design

12 constellations

Prague astronomical clock


Interactive parent-child activity
Educational globe
Creative home decor
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