Music Box Ferris Wheel TGN01

Age: 14+

Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1.5h

Pieces: 232

Assembled Size: 283*100*338mm

About this item:

It is a mini scale model of ferris wheel. At the same time, it is a music box. It can be easily assembled in 1.5 hours with insertion design.


In a beautiful coastal town, there is a tall and beautiful ferris wheel. The designer is a young woman. She grew up in a remote town where there were no ferris wheels. Her dream is to build her own Ferris wheel in her hometown to make every child ride. After months of hard work, a fantastic ferris is finished. All the children are excited and happy to ride it.


Tiny gondola


Music box movement


Intricate home decor
Creative gift for any occasion
Well-designed music box
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