Childhood Toy House DS027


Material:Wood, Pvc, etc.

Assembly Time: 4h

Assembled Size: 70*70*100mm

Pieces: 68

About this item

Childhood Toy House is inspired by the colorful toy room that reminds people of childhood. The toy room is filled with different adorable toys. It can brings out the childhood memory of grown-ups. It’s like a dream buried in the inner mind and placed in a random corner. This miniature house uses warm pink and ivory white as the main colors, highlighting with blue. All these elements in one made a warm dreamy little space.


DS027 Childhood Toy House

Little white Bear's family lives in the deep forest. His parents built him a lovely little house like all children’s dreamy houses. This house is small but very warm and lovely. He has a pink cabinet with all kinds of toys on it. His parents buy him toys every year and he keeps them well on the cabinet. Some of toys are presents from his friends. Although he doesn’t live in the city, he makes a lot of friends here. They are all cute animals and he often plays with them. Besides, there is a small drum in the house. He likes playing drum and he is a good drummer. Now he practices playing it everyday for the forest concert party next month.


Little drummer bear
Pink toy cabinet
Mini pony toy

The size of this house is about what fits into the palm of one hand. In this house, there is a toy bear sitting on the floor and there is a large cabinet with various toys on it in organized way. Besides, all the miniature house kits don’t need extra painting. Some pieces of the product are finished parts, which makes the assembly process more simple.


Exquisite home decor
Delicate scene full of childishness
Exquisite home decor


Using basswood as eco-friendly material

Laser cutting to make sure its high precision

DIY miniature house kit

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