TG301, TG304, TGN02


Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 2.5-3h

About this item

They are TG301 Air Plane, TG304 Leaning Tower of Pisa and TGN02 Five-storied Pagoda. They are all mini scale model. They can be easily assembled in about 3 hours. The finished model can be put on the table as a decoration.


TG301 Air Plane

Assembly Size: 210*178*122mm

Assembly Time: 3h

Pieces: 145

About this item:
TG301 is a model of a jet plane. It looks like the plane in the cartoon movie. With its classic design, this little wooden jet plane will add some vintage atmosphere to the house.

Airplane is one of the most greatest inventions of humans in history. People are eager to fly in the sky freely like the bird. With the development of technology and science, the first airplane was successfully invented by the White Brothers in 1903. From that time, people began the journey to explore the sky.





TG304 Leaning Tower of Pisa

Assembly Size: 92*77*178mm

Assembly Time: 3h

Pieces: 137

About this item:
TG304 is a scale model of the leaning tower of Pisa. This tower is one of the landmarks in Italy. And it can be painted in different colors to create a different and special landmark tower.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, a medieval structure in Pisa, Italy, is famous for the settling of its foundations, which caused it to lean 5.5 degrees from the perpendicular. It is an amazing and incredible building in the history of architecture. Nowadays, it has become a landmark of Pisa and many travelers are attracted to visit it due to its fame.


Hollow-carved design

Exquisite base

Exquisite fretwork

TGN02 Five-storied Pagoda

Assembly Size: 160*160*320mm

Assembly Time: 2.5h

Pieces: 275

About this item: TGN02 is a model of Pagoda named Five-storied Pagoda, which is located in Japan and originated from the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, this building has a unique style mixed with the Tang Dynasty elements and Japanese elements in it.

During the Tang Dynasty, the cultural communication between ancient China and Japan was very frequent and close. The five-storied pagoda is a kind of characteristic pagoda the Japanese built referring to a style of Chinese architecture. It’s a sign of cultural communication and the ingenuity and progress of architectural design.


Five-storied design

Characteristic tower top

Exquisite base

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