Book Nook

Book Nooks create miniature and various scenes designed to fit on bookshelves. In addition to separating books, they can be stylish and unique home decorations. You can choose them as a creative gift to friends and family as well. Get creative and bring wonder to your bookshelf!

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Bookstore TGB07

An Exquisite Replication Of The Famous Classic Bookstore "Shakespeare and Company" .

Falling Sakura TGB05

An Display Of Eastern Architecture Aesthetics From Ancient China.

Magic House TGB03

Explore The Unknown In This Mysterious Magic World.

Sakura Densya TGB01

Take A Tram On A Tokyo Street With The Blooming Sakura.

Garden House TGB06

The Bright And Transparent Garden House Brings You A Sunny Mood.

Time Travel TGB04

Have A Travel Through Time With This Old Fashioned Train.

Sunshine Town TGB02

Enjoy The Eternal Sunset On The European Street With Coffee And Books.

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