Rolife HANHAN NAI Martial Arts Fairy Surprise Figure Dolls

Hanhan Nai Martial Arts
Age Range(Description): 14 years and up
Package size: 65*65*115mm
Specification: 12 Basic+1Hidden
Material: PVC/Paper

Theme: Gift, Christmas, Holiday, Birthday

About this item【About Random】Note – each blind box is randomly arranged. Each package includes 1 beautiful random character and 1 character card. Before opening, no one knows which doll you unwrap.

Hanhan Nai Martial Arts tell a story in a far little town. There are so many people living in this town and legend has it that a fairy bable lives somewhere in this town as well. The residents here have their dreams and missions or “tasks”. I have to mention the assassin, undoubtedly, she is an assassin and she always wanted to accomplish a task that is challenging and can get a huge amount of bonus… But, what she is capable of is some beginner-level tasks… For more funny things, find it out in Hanhan Nai Martial Arts.


Series Name: Rolife Hanhan Nai Martial Arts Fairy Surprise Figure Dolls

Surprise Figure Dolls: This series includes 12 different figures. Maybe you will get 1 HIDDEN EDITION figure (Fairy Bable). A certain chance to win this hidden edition.

You will never know what you get until you open the box!

Product Display

地主儿子 Young landowner

酒鬼 Drunkard

店小二 Waiter

秀才 Scholar

县太爷 Magistrate

媒婆 Matchmaker

刺客 Assassin

济公 Mad mork

捕快 Constable

神医 Miracle doctor

算命先生 Fortune teller

如花 Floria


小神仙 Fairy Bable 


Dolls Size: Stylized collectable doll stands 80-84mm tall. Each package box is 65*65*115mm.  We measure the size manually. Slight differences are considered normal.

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