Rolife Becka’s Baking House DG161

Age Range: 14 years and up

Material: Wood, plastic, paper-cutting, etc.

Assembly Time: 4h

Pieces: 141

About this item

Rolife Becka’s Baking House DIY Miniature House presents a bakery just like a real one. After finishing the assembly, you seem to be able to smell the aroma of the bread. Various types of the bread exists in the bakery.

You can send the baking house to your friends as a gift. Then you will have a enjoyable time together.


Welcome to our baking house! It’s Rolife’s miniature house.

There are lots of premium details in the baking house, you will see the specific introduction below.

During the assembly time, you will gain a sense of satisfaction. When we produce this product, we use the materials with high quality. We also apply the unique technology to improve your assembly experience. We believe that this product will not disappoint you.

By the way, the baking house has a LED top light on the roof. It will make the ambience up in the night.


Introduction blackboard

New arrivals

Bakery case

Openable door

Our designers put a series of delicate completed food toys in the baking house. The storage cabinet is flexible. The door is openable. It looks like the customers can enter in the house from this door. The bakery shelves are in the middle of the house. You can arrange different bread on them as you want. What’s more, the bread are divided into different types such as new arrivals and creative bread.

The package of our product is as shown. We will wrap the product carefully so that you will receive a perfect gift. All the parts are as the picture shown.

This house is equipped with the larger lamp so that the ambient is better. We use the high-quality materials and advanced technology. The finishing time is reduced to four hours because of the insertion- design.

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