Becka’s Baking House DG161

Age: 14+

Material: Wood, plastic, paper-cutting

Assembly Time: 4h

Assembled Size: 215*149*157mm

Pieces: 141

About this item

Becka’s Baking House creates a bakery like a real one with a well-designed scene and intricate food toys. There are various types of bread and many vivid decorations in the house. It seems that the aroma of bread can be smelled after finishing the assembly.


DG161 Becka's Baking House

The bakery in the morning is filled with the aroma of baked bread. Take a deep breath and it seems that you can forget all your worries. Watching the bread come out of the oven, arranging them in order and waiting for the customers are what Becka does every morning. Watching people rush to work with the bread she made, she feels extremely satisfied and happy. The story of Backa and her baking house continues.


Signboard and LED light
Warm-colored bakery case
Introduction blackboard
Bread with a bear-head shape
Various types of bread
Openable door

There are many delicate pre-made food toys in the baking house. The bakery door is openable. The bakery shelves are in the middle of the house. You can arrange different bread on them as you want. What’s more, the bread can be divided into different types such as new arrival and creative bread.


Cute and sweet scene of a bakery
Quick and easy assembly
Miniature house with delicate toys
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