Arc de Triomphe TG502


Material: Wood

Assembly Time: 1h

Pieces: 118

Assembled Size:140*90*128 mm

About this item:

This is a scale model of a famous French architecture, Arc de Triomphe with French Empire style. It retains the complicated structures of original and brings a solemn and respectful atmosphere.


In 1806, Napoleon ordered to build this architecture in memory of the victory in the war in 1805. Just like its name, this great building is also built for those soldiers who returned home in triumph. All wars are already history but the history should be remembered no matter in what ways. It reminds of people the peace and love are precious and important.


Gorgeous patterns

Delicate drawings of soldiers

Storage box on the top


Exquisite home decor
Wooden model of a famous landmark
A parent-child activity to interact
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