Corner Bookstore DG164

Age: 14+

Material: Plywood, Paper, Resin parts

Assembly Time: 6h

Assembled Size: 250*167*180mm

Pieces: 108

About this item

Corner Bookstore is a small bookstore located at the street corner. With retro colors and the outdoor design, it features a European style. Besides, it has a switch with two controllable lights.


DG164 Corner Bookstore

An old couple has been running a bookstore on an old street for more than 40 years. There is a beautiful love story about this bookstore. A boy and a girl fell in love with each other many years ago. However, the boy had to fight in the war to protect his country. Then, the girl opened a small bookstore, waiting for her lover. The cruel war lasted for many years. Fortunately, the boy survived and came back home finally. They got married, adopted a child and raised him. Now, the boy that has grown up lives a peaceful and happy life with his wife in this bookstore.


Transparent display window
Book selection area
Openable door
Hidden alley
Display table
LED warm lights

This is a retro European-style bookstore. It is full of details including the exquisite lattice window, a classic storefront design, potted plants and stickers with brick texture. The statue and books everywhere make the scene artistic. Besides, there are two LED lights inside and outside the bookstore, lighting up this corner.


Home decor with warm lights
Improve hands-on ability
Creative gift to family and friends
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