Wanna be back to the old days? Maybe you should try this Time Studio

Our new series- Teddy DIY house has been on the market for some time. As you know, there are five dollhouses in this series: Time Studio, The Encounter Cafe, Lucky Florist, Memorable Classroom and Love on the Balcony. According to the feedback we received, the most popular one is the Time Studio. Now, let’s take a look at the story behind this dollhouse!

Teddy and Angel were classmates, but never got a chance to play together. Angel, who dreamed to be a ballerina, was used to practicing dancing in her free time. Teddy was full of curiosity about the girl who was always absent during break and activity time, and couldn’t help looking at her from time to time. Angel also noticed the boy who was always playing racing models at the corner. Every time after Angel came back from her dance, she would see Teddy playing racing models in the empty classroom.

That day after school, Teddy and Angel left the school as usual. Both of them had something to do today. Angel was in a good mood. She was wearing a new ballet dress given by her mother and going to take photos in the nearby photo studio.

Teddy was a little down. He was going to leave this city and moved to another place with his parents. Frowning, he was absent-mindedly riding a bicycle to take photos needed for transferring to another school.

When Angel was going to enter the photo studio, she saw Teddy who was somewhat discouraged. “Isn’t he the boy who loves to play racing models?” Angel stopped and smiled, and stared at Teddy silently. When Teddy parked, he found Angel who had a sweet smile at the door. “I didn’t expect to meet her here.” He was shy and didn’t know what to say. Finally, they walked into the photo studio together.

The next day, Teddy moved to another place with his parents. Returning from practising dancing, Angel never saw the boy again. Later, she learned from one classmate that Teddy had transferred to another school. Angel was a little upset, but the busy dance training made her gradually forget Teddy. After moving, Teddy participated in various racing training and worked hard for his dream.

Many years later, Angel realized her dream and became a ballet dancer, blooming her elegance on stages. Since then, she rushed around the world to perform. This time, she was so happy that she could take a break and return home. She took her favorite ballet dress, and planned to take some photos at the nearby photo studio.

At this time, Teddy also became a professional racer and has been present at numerous international racing award ceremony. During the holiday, he suddenly wanted to go back to the city where he once lived. He walked along the familiar street with all his childhood memories. 

After so many years, the roads have already been refurbished and the shops on the roadside have changed a lot. He came to the photo studio unconsciously and felt very familiar. “I didn’t expect this photo studio is still there.” Slowly as he approached the window, he found a girl in a ballet dress and suddenly widened his eyes, “It’s her!” 

At this moment, Angel also found Teddy outside the window. She stopped dancing, showing a sweet smile as before…

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